11 January 2008

Cuddly Hubby Hat, part deux

I just came off working 8 of 9 days in a row. Tuesday was a 14-hour day. Not fun. So, time to get back to fun and back to the knitting.

For the Cuddly Hubby Hat, start the bottom band with a small tubular cast on. Cast on 72 sts provisionally. At this point, the pattern multiple = 12 sts. Join in a circle, being sure not to twist. Knit all sts for 3 rounds (or longer if you like a deeper tube). Place sts from provisional edge on a spare circ. Fold so the knit side faces outward. Line up wales. Working across in pattern: *ptog from both needles 2x, ktog from both needles 4x, ptog from both needles 2x, (k1 from front needle, p1 from back needle)4x, repeat from * 6x. 96 sts total. The pattern multiple now equals 16 sts and there are 6 pattern repeats in a round.

This may be the point where you wonder what was that all about? You'll recall the pattern is a rib and a cable. The first eight sts are the rib -- 2p 4k 2p. They are not worked reversibly. Thus, you simple purled or knit a stitch from each needle in order to form the tubular edge.

The second part of the pattern is a reversible cable. Because it will pull in, you worked those sts individually off the needles. The sts that will form the front side of the cable were knitted off the front needle and the sts that will form the back side of the cable were purled off the back needle.

I'm not 100% happy with this solution. The edge still got a little curly. I'm not sure how much of that is the thick yarn and how much is the mismatch in stretch between the plain rib and reversible cable. Still, this solution preserves the reversibility of the cables from the very start.

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