23 August 2008

The Big Tease

What's 300 miles wide and a big tease?

A week ago, we Atlantans were salivating and giddy with delight at the prospect of finally getting a good dousing from tropical storm remnants. Although the drought is better, it is still not gone. We really do need the occasional hurricane remnant to refill our water table. A foot or two of rain dumped on Lake Lanier would be just fine, thank you very much. Now we've watched Fay slow waltz over Florida, making a lot of trouble for those fine folk who don't deserve such bother. Today is our second day of dark, heavily overcast skies and brisk wind. But no rain. The forecasters keep saying we're going to get rain, but I keep not seeing it.

So, if anybody knows how to ship water from Florida to Atlanta, please, feel free to speak up now. Or please tell Fay to waltz her windy, wet hurricane butt over here where she'll be appreciated. What a hussy!

By the way, the picture is our house in high summer earlier this week. The dogwood has a few yellow leaves already, likely an indication that it wouldn't pass up a good watering. The stick in the clay pot at the bottom of the stairs is a hibiscus that keeps being eaten by something that doesn't mind cayenne pepper or bitter apple or slug repellent. The last time it bloomed well was in 2004, the year we had three tropical storms. That hibiscus loves stormy tropical weather. And there should be lots of nice green moss in the shade where the Bermuda lawn won't grow, but we haven't had enough rain for that. Sigh. We were so close.

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