21 December 2010


There are some days when you just can't put a value on the networking on Ravelry.

I've been knitting madly on a pink shawl during the last week. By about Friday, I could see that maybe I was going to be just a wee bit short on the yarn. When I cast off on Monday morning, I came up short. My usual approach is to go find other people who have finished a project with the same yarn. In this case not so much luck, as they are in Italy, France, and Finland. But I did find someone in Ohio who had started a project with it. And I am figuring she'll still be able to finish hers, as I'm only needing about half a gram of yarn out of the 100 grams she has.

And it is nice to be able to talk to knitters about this, as these are the sorts of people who understand. Thank goodness this particular shawl needs to be done before the new year but not necessarily before Christmas.

My rescuer has a very crafty and creative blog and an Etsy shop called Maiden Jane. Her blog is full of a variety of interesting crafting ideas, some of which you could use right now to knock out those last second Christmas gifts. In her shop, Maiden Jane makes and sells lovely project bags made from taffeta, so they are light and strong and pretty!

Here's a small stash bag, perfect for a small project.

But I also think her mitten bags are innovative, as you can store the damp mittens hanging up and they will dry out. And with both mittens together, you are more likely to find the pair during the next snowball fight opportunity. And the doorway clutter stays under control.

Many thanks, Jane! And happy holidays!

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Jane said...

Thanks so much for the lovely post! I am glad to help out. I look forward to seeing your finished shawl and maybe it will motivate me to finally use that yarn - I'm a bit afraid of lace and thin yarn!