20 December 2012

The Soothing Happy Home

While the holiday season can sometimes become an over-hyped Ferengi carnival of "buy, buy, buy," there are also plenty of people who remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Conversation with people you care about. Good food -- especially the food items you can only get during the holidays. Sipping hot chocolate, ideally while watching the snow fall and knowing you have no place else to be anytime soon. The laughter of playing games. Making something beautiful carefully with your own hands.

In my house, simple pleasures can often mean being entertained by feline antics. Observe:
Vincent likes to sit in the front window and watch the leaves falls. It is a simple pleasure, and watching him watch the leaves makes me smile.

Happy pets make a happy home. (A happy Cuddly Hubby is key, too.)

And just because it seems appropriate:
Brûlée, the criminal mastermind, in full-up gargoyle mode. Copernicus would be proud of the lording. Sophia would approve of the disdain. (Red and black fabric from Ghana circa 1977.)
Vincent enjoying life. Some days it really is this simple -- when life gives you sunshine, sit and soak it up!

And as tonight is the darkest night of the year (solstice is at 6:12 AM EST tomorrow morning), it is good to remember that the light does return. May you always find the light, and may your own light always be a beacon to others, especially those you love.

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