28 February 2015


After the quiet of the winter, I am about to enter the excitement of the spring teaching schedule. Here's some of what's coming up.
Thursday 5 March I'll be giving the presentation at the Atlanta Knitting Guild meeting. I'll be talking about Rick Mondragon's sliding loop intarsia method. Rick published this technique twenty years ago. While it is a clever way to work intarsia as you go -- without a mess of bobbins -- it has some other interesting applications. In the photo above, beginning at bottom and moving clockwise: binding off at end of row, flat entrelac, modular intarsia, perpendicular edging, and beads.
On Friday and Saturday, 6 & 7 March, I'll be teaching a workshop for North Georgia Knitting Guild. I've taught regular two-color double knitting previously. This time I'll be teaching plain one-color double knitting using my Generic Double Knit Sachet pattern. Again, this is a technique that has greater applications. It is the foundation for double-knit cables, and it can be used to make large i-cords (such as glove fingers) very quickly.

On Saturday 28 March I'll be teaching möbius at the shop. I'll be using a new pattern called Sonic Boom. You'll be seeing more here on the blog about this pattern soon.
The weekend of April 16 through 19 I'll be teaching at Fiber Forum at Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This will be a multi-day workshop on double knitting. We'll start with basic double knitting and work up through knits and purls, double-sided fabrics, letters, and cables. Because this is several days and because I do not want to burn people's brains out on day one, I am thinking there will even be time to cover some reversible fabrics that aren't double knitting.

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Laura said...

You have a very busy schedule planned! I wish I had the time to take a class with you. The first quarter of this year just isn't permitting me to leave home for long, other than work. Work isn't leaving much room for anything either!