22 October 2008

Happy Critters

By the current standards of the household, this is a very good picture. This is a good picture because it was taken earlier this afternoon, and there are two happy critters, both enjoying their late afternoon naps. Copernicus (in the hidey-hole) had a seizure Monday evening about 4:40 PM. The Cuddly Hubby was home at the time. I had just set Copernicus up on the kitchen table so that I could administer his daily electrolyte fluids. Copernicus started spinning around in a circle. I picked him up and held him closer to the floor, so that he wouldn't fall off the table. After about 30 seconds, I started to figure out what was happening. Still hanging on to the cat, I grabbed my purse and told the Cuddly Hubby that he was driving. The seizure had let up even before we were completely settled in the car, but we drove over to our vet (Cat Care of Vinings) anyway. She did some blood work tests but couldn't find anything wrong. She did send us home with medicine to be administered anally -- "I know I've asked you to do some strange things already," she said -- but we, mercifully, haven't needed to use it. Once again, I am left being deeply grateful for another day with my pets.

And do let me be fair here to Sophia as well. The Russian Kitchen Mafia -- motto: It's all about the culinary plunder -- had a stroke back in February while the Cuddly Hubby and I were on a Valentine's Day vacation along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Again, we have no evidence of what caused the stroke or if we should expect another. Sophia, of course, feels that she is PERFECTLY FINE. To her credit, my determined little furry grey predator made a nearly full recovery in just a few days. So this year, both cats have had sudden unexplained medical crises.

Here's a picture of why we put the effort into the pets. The Cuddly Hubby worked a lot of overtime this year. Last month, he even pulled a couple all-nighters in order to finish a report. One of those nights, he came home about 5 AM. I, of course, stayed in bed asleep. I think 5 AM is a lovely time for REM sleep, don't you? The very tired Cuddly Hubby decided to watch tv for a little to unwind. Within five minutes, both cats showed up, curled up on him or next to him, and purred appreciatively. (The picture above is a representative one I took on another day, while everyone was watching a collegiate football game.)

So, if you have a special pet at home, be sure to give out lots of love.

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