24 November 2017

Is Faux Bohus Trendy?

Ah, yes, today is Black Friday. Perhaps you, too, have discovered your inbox and mailbox overflows with catalogues and coupons.

I was flipping through the J. Jill catalogue on the way to the recycle bin when I discovered this:

It is a bit Bonus-like, don't you think?

At first, I wondered if the similarity was coincidence. Then I read the description: "Shimmering Fair Isle Pullover."

If you are familiar with Bohus sweaters, then you know "Blue Shimmer" and "Pale Shimmer" are famous patterns. This J. Jill sweater also bears similarities to "The Large Lace Collar" and "Large Swan."

This is definitely a modern take. It is tricky to see, but the pattern does incorporate beads. Some of the rounds incorporate fuzzy yarn. In typical Bohus patterns, the shimmering effect is created by subtle color changes from round to round. In this machine-knit version, the effect is created with a textured yarn.

I'm a bit biased. I don't think this is as spectacular as a true Bohus. On the other hand, if you don't care to purchase a kit from AngoraGarnet and take the time to knit it up on 2mm/US size 0 needles, or spend even more money and effort to find a real vintage Bohus; then this may be a quick way to get a Bohus-ish fix.