09 January 2020

Brilliant Weaving Gadget with No Name

Today's post is not about knitting. Instead, it is about weaving.
Specifically, it is about this video of an unusual weaving gadget.

As I mention in the video, frame looms of this type are fairly common. This strange shed-cylinder thing is the brilliant gadget. I'm posting because I would dearly love to be able to purchase such an item. And I think there are weavers out there who would like it as well. I have no idea who made it. I have no idea if there is a patent associated with it. All I know is it is clever; and I have never seen one in a book, magazine, or the booth of a fiber festival.

Clever makers, please, have at it!

By the way, the whole loom comes apart. I can store this in a box a little larger than a pencil box. I can foresee a manufacturer offering a loom bag for this system. It would make it easy to store and transport, and it could hold the assortment of pieces. I could also foresee a design for the side pieces allowing them to shorten as the warp tightens during weaving. I am wondering if this system could be an alternative to a rigid heddle loom?

Edited to add: My friend Lin found this in the Lost Pond Looms Etsy shop: