Bead Crochet Bracelet homework

The bead crochet class is based on the Crafting Conundrums book. We'll make a sample bracelet, just like the one Susan Goldstine shows in the book and in her online video tutorials.

This bracelet is strung in the sequence blue - yellow - black - green - red.
It has 40 beads of each color, for a total of 200 beads.

These are plastic pony beads. They are inexpensive and easy to find in most big box craft stores. They are often not near the fashion and jewelry bead section. Usually they are in the children's crafting section.

Use at least 8-10 yards of worsted weight yarn. You don't need to break the yarn from a larger skein. You can just string the beads. We'll break the yarn in class when the bracelet is nearly complete. I used scraps from my stash. As you may notice in the photograph, the yarn shows only a little in the finished bracelet.

The homework for the class is to string 200 beads in order, A-B-C-D-E. It took me less than an hour to do this. You can probably do this while watching television. When you come to class, you should be ready to start crocheting!

Here is part of what strung beads look like:
You can string the beads using a plastic needle, a tapestry needle, or a dental floss threader. Heck, you can even put a little glue on the tip of the yarn and let it dry so it is stiff!

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