15 April 2019


I was looking for something today on my shelf with knitting tools. I knocked my Katrinkles knitters rule off the shelf. It landed on the hardwood floor — and broke!

This is the smaller version, measuring a 2-inch/5cm section of swatch. I also have the larger version which will measure a 4-inch/10cm swatch.

I happen to like this design a lot. If you have a swatch that wants to curl while you are trying to measure it, this ruler will hold it flat. Measuring the inside of a frame rather than along a straight edge makes it easier to measure accurately without the temptation to cheat about an extra half or one-quarter stitch.

It never occurred to me that a lightweight wooden ruler would be susceptible to breakage by being dropped 3 to 4 feet.

I keep wood glue in the house, so I've glued my ruler back together. But this does mean if you are considering purchasing a gauge ruler and you are clumsy, you might want a metal one instead. Or maybe find a zippered pouch or tool bag for storage?