17 June 2009

Knitting In Public

World Wide Knit in Public Day was last Saturday for most of the world. Some of us will be celebrating this Saturday, because TNNA trade show was last weekend. Most of us think of knitting in public as people sitting around and knitting in a public area. But "knitting" can also refer to the knitted object, rather than just the task. And in the Cumberland Mall food court (across the street from Cobb Galleria Centre, where STITCHES South was held) is just such an example.

At least, I think it is knitted. There are translucent dividers in the food court seating area. When you view them edge on (as at right) they appear to be beaded and loosely knitted fabric (wire?), encased in a thick layer of clear acrylic. Or they might be single crochet. I'm not sure, and the textured surface and openness of the work makes it tricky to discern.

Does this mean we could knit a shower door or a stained-glass window? The scary thing is, I don't need this idea. I have some liquid acrylic in the basement, as I used it for building a couple gelatinous cubes for my husband's Dungeons & Dragons game. I even have the tinting kit to make the clear acrylic different colors, as at the time I was thinking I might experiment with terrain miniatures such as lakes and ponds. Hmmm. Come, Igor. Off to the laboratory.

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