25 August 2012

Bootkicked Tutorial #1: Picot

Bootkicked is an intermediate level scarf. You'll be doing three or four things at once:
  1. shaping (triangles or squares)
  2. pattern (half-drop holes separated by three ridges of garter stitch)
  3. edging (picots)
  4. joining motifs as you go
None of these things are difficult, per se. But all of them are probably a little more interesting than your usual knitting. So over the next few days I'll be posting five short videos to show you clearly the odd little steps to this strange little dance.

First up: Picot Edging

Be aware that in the pattern, I simply wrote "mp" for "make picot." There are a lot of different ways to make a picot, and you can do what I did or something you like better or you can just delete the picots entirely. Picots are made by casting on stitches and then binding them off immediately. In Bootkicked, you'll always be casting on and binding off three stitches, but you can do more or fewer to make your picots longer/larger or shorter/smaller. You could even vary the number of stitches in your picots to produce a very raggedy edge.

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