29 August 2012

Bootkicked Tutorial #5: Joined Picot

In the pattern I wrote "jp" for "joined picot." This maneuver combines both the picot and the joined ssk, so please be sure to watch both of those videos first and work those techniques a few times so you feel familiar and confident.

This maneuver appears in only one row of the pattern. If you like, you can just work a regular joined ssk instead, but I noticed the missing picot in the selvedge. Basically, you'll set-up the two stitches to be joined, work most of the picot, then finish the join, then finish the picot. By the time you get to this row of the pattern you will have knit many picots and made many joins, so this really shouldn't give you a lot of trouble.

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Kay Mather said...

At the Ga. alpaca fiber fest, our booth sold completely out of your Bootlicked pattern! There is a lot of enthusiasm for this lovely and interesting pattern. Anyone looking for it, Jolie has it for sale on Ravelry.com