08 September 2008

Dragon*Con recap

It has taken me a full week to sit down and write. For the Cuddly Hubby and I, Dragon*Con is the best weekend of the year -- better than the last week of the year that includes Yule, New Year's, and college football Bowl Week. This was our fourteenth Dragon*Con. The Cuddly Hubby doesn't do any costuming at the convention. I've slowly eased into doing costuming, although I don't do anything too elaborate. And, alas, I don't have great pictures of myself in all the costumes I wore during the weekend. But I did promise I'd post, so here's what I have.

Day 1: Friday about lunchtime at the Dunwoody MARTA station. I've had to adjust this photo a bit, as the bright background behind me and the lack of a flash made for a poor exposure. Most of the MARTA stations have public art, but this array of glass is among my favorites. The outfit was a gift from my in-laws. It came directly from India. Colorful and comfortable! Also practical. I did have another change of clothes for Friday evening, but I got too busy with convention fun and didn't get around to changing outfits. And the luggage in the picture is both mine and the Cuddly Hubby's.

Day 2: Saturday we started out at our traditional spot on Peachtree for a view of the parade. I remember when the parade was brand new, had a different route, and was over in about ten minutes. This year it lasted for about forty-five minutes. I started the day in the Medieval/Renaissance outfit. I didn't bother to tighten the corset, as I wanted to actually eat breakfast. Also, tightening the corset best requires a friend to help. I acquired the gold shoulder dragon midway through the day. I also put my hair up midway through the day and added a brass hair barrette and some ribbons with bells.

For the evening I wanted to go to the drum circle. I am still very self-conscious about my skill at dancing. But, at least I can be suitably attired. The black and green dancing costume came from the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

Day 3: I started off Sunday in my most complicated costume -- elf druid. This required using the pointy ears and my first experience with spirit gum. It worked pretty well -- I didn't feel any discomfort, and I left my hair down so that the ears coyly poked out. I initially developed the costume last year for a Mensa regional gathering. The handwoven shawl was purchased three years ago at the Central Pennsylvania Arts Festival. And I'm very pleased with how the staff turned out. The curly stick came from my own backyard and I added all the decoration including the woven laces myself. I also did the lacing on the potion bottle myself.

For the evening, we were attending the pirate party. I've built up the pirate outfit over a couple years. It was initially a costume for the Mensa Northwest Florida Regional Gathering. The boots of butt-kicking were acquired earlier this year. The red blouse was purchased last year for a friend's October wedding. In the end, we didn't stay long at the pirate party and ended up going to the late-night filking, which was great fun.

Day 4: Since we had to check out of the hotel on Monday morning, there was a chance to wear only one outfit. I chose my other Indian outfit. Again, this was a gift from my in-laws after their trip to India. I know I look a little tired in the picture. This picture was taken about 6:00 PM on the platform at Dunwoody MARTA Station, while we waited for space in the elevator so that we could make our way back to our car.

I still had a couple outfits that didn't make it into the rotation. The sari from last year didn't make it out. And I have a yukata that has gone to the convention twice without getting worn. I must do something about that next year. Still for me, one of the best things about Dragon*Con is that you can wear whatever you want. It is always exciting to see what people will do when this simple restriction of everyday existence is lifted.

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