31 December 2010

Only 1000 days behind

More than three years ago, I started this blog because I knew I wanted to break into knitting designing and teaching. I saw that most people who published had a blog or a website, so I thought I'd better start a blog.

In those 1000+ days, the blog has given me a chance to practice pattern writing. And it has given me a place to share new ideas. It has forced me to learn how to use certain types of software. And it has forced me to learn at least a little something about shooting digital pictures and video.

Today I finally sent a submission to Knitty. I'm only 1000 days behind schedule.

To all my knitting friends out there, thank you for being so supportive in my creative endeavors. I wish you all a happy, prosperous, and knitterly new year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You submitted? Cool! Not that I know what knitty is, but I assume it's a knitting magazine.