12 December 2007

Perfect versus Good Enough

I'm a recovering perfectionist.

After admitting the problem -- and really, it IS difficult to admit that striving for the very best in everything is a fault -- I've tried to focus this energy into specific projects. Perfectionism is a really bad thing in relationships. Thus, I keep it out of my marriage and instead put it into my knitting practice. My intention in the coming weeks is to post pictures and notes of my assorted knitting experiments. Like any artistic endeavor, some things work brilliantly as planned, some don't, some are better for not having worked as planned, and some lead to other paths and other places not yet imagined.

In keeping with the holiday season, I recently knitted a Christmas stocking to contribute to the charity knitting at the North Georgia Knitting Guild. These will be given to a local hospital so that the babies born during the holiday season go home in a stocking instead of in a blanket. My contribution is the stocking you see in today's post. As this is charity knitting, the materials are discount-store acrylic rather than a nice merino-alpaca blend. I'll be posting the annotated pattern in the coming days, including the toe increase worked in pattern and an elegant way to make a double-thickness, turned-down cuff.

For now, the short & slick version:
Cast on circularly @ toe.
Increase in pattern to desired size – multiple of 10 minus 1 stitches.
Work in pattern to heel.
Waste yarn across half the stitches for heel.
Work in pattern to cuff.
Work cuff, fold and bind off.
Remove waste yarn and work heel.

Specifics to follow on subsequent days.

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