22 August 2008


We needed some photos for updating the Atlanta Knitting Guild blog. So, I got out the yarn, went outside, and took pictures. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what was up with me as I lovingly laid out skeins and carefully photographed them. Then I burned the whole mass of photos to a disc and passed that off to the webmistress. I've also been listing my stash in Ravelry. Oddly enough, I'm feeling a little stashed-out right now. All this looking at yarn has reminded me of some of the wonderful things I've already bought. Some of these I even have plans for in that I already know what I want them to become when they grow up. Anyway, I thought I'd share some stash pictures here. You can see at left that I keep most of my stash in a stack of rattan boxes in the studio. The boxes were purchased at Hobby Lobby. I must admit to having a tremendous weakness for the basket and boxes section in that store. And they run 50% off sales frequently.

The stash is, therefore, divided into roughly three groups. The big box (right) contains generous supplies of one kind, and most of it is worsted weight. There are 10 balls of Jungle ribbon that I bought on clearance at one of the local shops. I have some Julia in both black and white. I'm not sure what I want to do with it, but it is a great blend. There's a generous pile of Tonalita in the upper right that really ought to become a jacket.

The medium box has a lot of "true" stash. I was planning on making a jacket that would match an awesome pair of earrings the cuddly hubby bought for me at the Monterey Aquarium some years back. So I had been acquiring yarn in the appropriate colors, typically two balls or skeins at a time. I rarely purchase one ball of something. For most yarns, one skein isn't enough to do anything. But two skeins, that's different. Two skeins can be combined with something else to make a bag. Or two skeins are enough to make a trim design on a cardigan or jacket. I also seem to have gone through a mohair phase. Anyway, it is obvious that I have more than enough yarn to make a tastefully arty jacket.

The small box is mostly sock yarn and lace yarn. I've knit one pair of socks for myself. I've also knit a Christmas socking and some small practice socks from Cat Bordhi's book. I've knit one lace shawl and would like to do more. With all the lace yarn, this is the box that, should I ever be marooned, I ought to have with me. Many, many hours of knitting here. Ten balls of Kid Silk Haze that ought to become a lacy black shawl. Three skeins of ruby red Jade Sapphire cashmere silk. A couple lovely skeins of Anne that could become socks or a shawl. And I even have beads to coordinate with some of the shawl yarns.

I also have some stash yarn in the bedroom. The Noro and Karaoke are stored there. And there are several yarns that are project yarns -- set aside and ready to go. And my stash of leftover scraps is there are well. The other precaution I've taken is that I keep a Stash Will in the small stash box. While I fully intend to live a good long life that includes knitting up most of this stuff, I don't want it to fall into ungrateful hands. So I keep a list of knitting friends and what they like so that, should my stash need to be disbursed, it would end up in the hands of people who love yarn and can make beautiful things happen with it. And who would appreciate the joy that comes from having two balls of qiviut.

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