14 August 2008

Wonderful good friends

Our friends Camille and Clayton were here in town over the weekend. They met through an online dating service, fell passionately for each other, and Camille moved from Atlanta to Lexington. Clayton is a cool enough person, however, that we forgive him for robbing our Dungeons & Dragons game of a very talented (if often hidden) halfling. They had just enough time for us to meet for Sunday brunch. And my cuddly hubby actually got up early on a Sunday so that he could join us! Wow!

There is a truly excellent bookstore where they live in Lexington KY. This is even more true now since Camille found there and bought for me an autographed copy of AntiCraft by Renée Rigdon and Zabet Stewart! Zabet is infamous in knitting circles for the snatchel. Their blog is also well-admired. Of course, I had to take the book to knit night and show it off amongst my knitting friends. And all of this just a couple weeks before Dragon*Con. Good timing, indeed!

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