29 October 2008

Unintended Consequences

A couple months ago, our veterinarian suggested adding a little bit of pumpkin to the cat food. His Imperial Majesty Copernicus was having some lower digestive tract issues, and a high fiber diet had the potential to improve the situation. The fiber does seem to have helped His Highness. And I think the vitamin A may also be helping. (If there are any veterinary students out there looking for a thesis project, the effect of high doses of vitamin A in geriatric cats might be a topic worth evaluating.) In any case, both critters eat the same food, so both critters have been eating cat food with pumpkin for a couple months.

Today I decided to carve my Halloween jack o' lantern. Because I didn't feel like cleaning off the kitchen table -- be very afraid when the postal carrier has a rubber band around the stack of mail-order catalogs -- I decided to simply sit on the kitchen floor and carve. And this is what happened:
Yes, that's Sophia at top right. The pumpkin is on the left, and the big bowl on the right is full of pumpkin guts. And Sophia is eating them. The Russian Kitchen Mafia now thinks that pumpkin is appropriate culinary plunder. At least it is cheaper than smoked salmon. Just don't ask me to share my butternut squash soup with her. I have to draw the line somewhere.

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