25 December 2008

And the shameless pile o' stuff

Well, not all that shameless. Cuddly Hubby and I are of the age that we don't need all that much. And if we need or want something, usually we go get it -- unless the cats have managed another unplanned veterinary expedition. I'll not bother to post pictures of what we exchanged between ourselves. Cuddly Hubby got three hardback books and a stack of filk music. The artists of The FuMP ought to be sending greeting cards to him or possibly writing lyrics about him. As Cuddly Hubby is already paying for my Stitches South excursion, I only did a little bit of yarn shopping the other night. I bought one book, a skein of sock yarn, a skein of handpainted silk lace weight that I had been stalking for two months, and a skein of handpaint in a green and purple colorway that I somehow couldn't resist even though there was only one skein and what am I ever going to be able to do with only 118 yards of this?

We agreed with the Cuddly Hubby's dad and step-mom not to exchange gifts with them, since they were out here for Thanksgiving and we did a lot treating each other to dinner. (Have I ever mentioned on here that I'm not all that keen about cooking? It cuts into my knitting time.) So today we had only two small piles to unwrap. Four gifts from my mother and two from dear gaming friends in Lexington, Kentucky. First, the mom stuff:

The Da Vinci kit has rather nice production values. There are little models to assemble and reproductions of famous pieces of paper. And the whole thing fits in a book-shaped box with a little clasp. Definitely amusing.
Also amusing is Dave Barry. Cuddly Hubby and my mother almost needed oxygen when they sat around the kitchen table at her house and read portions of Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs. So the book will be much enjoyed.
The opener brings a certain glee as well. I hate clamshell packaging. Having worked in retail, I do understand why retailers like it. A properly designed clamshell is easy to merchandise on the ol' peg board, hard to shoplift, and protects the merchandise from spilled coffee and clumsy customers. So the clamshell cutter will be well-liked indeed.
And the Garmin is well-timed. Just yesterday, Cuddly Hubby was thinking that he would just go out the day after Christmas and buy himself a navigation system. We'd been talking about such things for quite some time but hadn't gotten to it. I don't mind reading maps and don't get lost too often. Plus, I do like having a sense of where I am. But the Cuddly Hubby has no sense of direction. So, the Garmin will go live in his car. Now he has no excuses for not being able to find a yarn shop. And it should be interesting to see how well this functions in Atlanta. When my in-laws were here for Thanksgiving, Cuddly Hubby definitely liked the interface on their Garmin.
All around, great choices, Mom! Many, many thanks!

The box from the friends in Lexington contain two cooking experiments, a bowl, and a pretty ombre ribbon that delights the fiber fanatic in me. If you read Elalyr's blog, then you'd know about her culinary hobby. (And thank you to anybody who gave them kitchen stuff off their wedding registry last year. Kudos!) Right away, I recognized the vanilla marshmallows and the apple-pear jam. She also packaged everything in a nice red and brown bowl that coordinates perfectly with our non-Western almost cabin-in-the-woods living room. I had just set out candy this morning in a cut glass crystal candy dish that had been passed down from a grandmother. Very pretty, but even as I placed it on the table in the living room, I was well aware that it didn't match the decor at all. The candy dish is now back in the cupboard, while I doubt the new bowl will spend much time there. And Cuddly Hubby and I are wondering if the dear friends would like to apply for some grant money to continue the culinary experiments? Many tasty thanks!

Lastly, I opened a can of Cougar Gold cheese from our stash in the refrigerator. I am seriously considering having an electrical outlet and a small wine refrigerator installed in the basement so that I have a proper place to stash Washington State University cheese products. (Why I am sharing this link I don't know, as it only means that there will be less cheese for me later.) This is a 3-year-old tin from October of 2005. The Cougars typically age the cheese one year before selling, although it can be aged longer. I currently have a can from 31 January 2001, which would be the beginning of the Bush 43 administration. I am thinking of possibly breaking it open next month in celebration of Barack Obama's Inauguration. The Cuddly Hubby could not help but notice that the shape resembles a certain popular video game of the 1980's.

Well, I ought to go make something resembling dinner. Merry Christmas one and all!

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