03 February 2009

Back in the Game

I wanted January to go slowly. I just wanted time to slow down so I could enjoy. January did slow down for a bit, but not always in a good way. And then it all sped back up again into the usual madness. Hence, no blogging.

There has, however, been some knitting going on in the background. Not as much as I would prefer, but hey, some is good. I did manage to get a pair of socks into the Think Outside the SOX contest. Winners will be announced at Stitches West later this month. I don't expect to win a prize, since as someone who is paid to teach knitting, I was required by the rules to enter in the "Pro" division. But at least I entered something. After the socks come back I'll post more about the unusual construction technique and some of the interesting variations that can be done on this pattern.

For now, this is TOFUtsies color 799 and the socks were worked bottom up in the knit one below pattern from XRX's recent book by Elise Duvekot.

(Oh, and is this XRX's contest and SWTC is one of the sponsors? And Elise Duvekot is going to be at Stitches South in April here in Atlanta? And Joe from SWTC is going to be at The Whole Nine Yarns in Woodstock tonight and his wife is going to be there later in the spring signing her new sock book? How coincidental! Synchronicity!)

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