04 February 2009

Thanks, Joe!

Joe from SWTC (makers of TOFUtsies and Karaoke) was at the shop last night for knit night. Credit to Debi for attending the west coast TNNA convention a few weeks ago. As far as I know, she was the only shop owner from this area to make the trek out to California, but it paid off. Joe brought us lots of goodies including samples! Woo-hoo! Big alpaca thank-you hugs to Joe and all the other nice folks at SWTC who make things we love!

Not included in this sample group is Karaoke, which has long-print color changes. Of course, I don't need a sample of that because I already have some in my stash. Joe did bring some sample garments made in this yarn. Karen, on left, is modeling a sweater knit in just one colorway. BJ is modeling a mitered jacket knit with both multi-colored Karaoke and a coordinating plain color of Karaoke.

Also not included in the samples at top is Therapy, their new yarn that is 30% jade. I have no clue how you get jade into a spin-able state nor what sort of twisted mind would look at a rock and think, "Wow! This would make great yarn." Joe pointed out that the Therapy yarn mixes jade with wool so that you get some of the springiness of wool but without the warmth, as the jade stays cool. Thus, a wool yarn for warm climates like Atlanta.

Joe has a passion for spinning strange fibers. He did mention that the US Government has confiscated one of his projects -- spider silk. I am very disappointed about this. (Hello, new Obama administration? Some change we can believe in, er knit with, please?) Spider silk is stronger than steel. Or Kevlar. I guess there is some concern that we would be knitting bulletproof vests and then committing acts of violence? (Very strange robbery. The suspect left the wallets behind but took all the cashmere scarves and burned all the acrylic. No good description, as the suspect was wearing a hand-knitted Chthuluclava. ) Does this mean that my second amendment rights cover owning guns but not bulletproof socks? I think someone does not understand. We knitters just want garments that won't wear out. Or with spider silk, I would love to knit a true cobweb shawl that is strong enough not to tear if it catches on something. I must go write my Congressional representatives.

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