15 May 2009

A Good Cookie

I've said previously, I'm really not a sock knitter. I prefer to knit sweaters, jackets, and shawls. However, I am a book harlot. I am just as likely to buy a knitting book as I am to buy yarn. In fact, the only purchases I made in the STITCHES South marketplace were printed matter. Four days and I bought no yarn. Partly that's because I can read faster than I can knit. Partly that's because I've done four shop hops in the last five years and worked for two different local shops, so my stash really is full of very nice stuff that needs to be used and loved. But partly too, I enjoy knitting for the intellectual and creative stimulation. Reading knitting books gives me more ideas. It expands my mind as well as my creativity.

If I have enough yarn, what I don't have enough of is time. And I'm not all that fast a knitter. So when I cast on a project, it needs to be worthy of the precious time resource that is being devoted to it. I haven't knit anything out of Cookie A's new book yet, but already I can tell this book is worthy of both my reading time and my knitting time. Sock Innovation is about constructing socks from the top down. As I've stated previously, I'm a Cat Bordhi toe-up kind of sock knitter. But Cookie A could make me a convert. Her reasons for top-down are compelling -- not the least is getting the fit correct so that the cuff is snug but not tight on the leg, and that it also has enough elasticity to pull over the heel. But for those of us who enjoy designing, her discussion of design, pattern, and considerations as you split for the heel and instep are worth the price of the book. And even if you don't design and just knit from her patterns, well, you should have people cowering at your feet just to admire your socks. (When I am an evil overlord, people will kiss my toes just to glimpse my stockings.)

Can someone out there come up with sock yarn that wears like Kevlar so we can all walk around shoeless and show off our great socks?

One unhappy note: while this book is a very worthy addition to your shelf, there are a few mistakes. You can find the errata here.

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