21 May 2009

What Have I Been Doing With My Time?

For those of you wondering why there hasn't been more on this blog, it's because there's been a lot over on the Atlanta Knitting Guild blog. Since starting a guild blog was my idea, and since I was president, the first around 130 posts are mostly mine. Hey, if you aren't willing to put in the work, don't make the suggestion. I'm very happy as I head into my sabbatical to be handing the blogging off to the new board. It will be good to get more voices and other perspectives. I also hope my personal neglected blog here will get the attention it deserves from me.

So what have I been doing? Or what has Atlanta Knitting Guild been doing that would make me devote so much time and energy?
Check out this post, from photographer extraordinaire Alexis Xenakis.
And watch the videos here. I enjoyed watching the other guild members in these videos, as they said some truly beautiful things. It was a privilege to lead this group this particular year. In the 24-year history of AKG, I probably got the best year to be guild president.

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