15 January 2010

And another new name on the list

I've also added "And So It Goes . . ." from local knitter, teacher, and designer Laura. On Ravelry she's Angelfire212 and has designed Skolnick. Skolnick is a pair of fingerless gloves with a guitar design on the palm. There is a beautiful cable pattern on the back.

Laura had me test knit these for her last year. The process was fun, and funny. She gave me all the directions and a chart and I was ready to start. Then I realized I wasn't sure what the chart meant. And I couldn't figure it out. Finally, I asked. Laura had given me everything except the chart key. You can bet that complicated cable and the duplicate stitch made a whole lot more sense with the chart explained. This is why you need someone to check your work -- because the gremlins get in it at night and do odd things.

Laura has nicely placed the increases for the thumb opening so that the thumb gusset grows out the the side of the cable. This was a fun project. And it doesn't take a whole skein, so it is also good for partial bits, stash, and handspun. And the swirly cable pattern is a delight.

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