30 March 2010


You probably noticed the STITCHES South peach link popped up on this blog a couple months ago. My class is still open. I don't know how many people have signed up, but I'm looking forward to the experience whether I have three or thirty. I've gotten good feedback on my practice run. I feel confident that if you are someone who has been thinking about moving beyond simple projects and trying a sweater, my class will give you the confidence to choose a sweater project that will give you success. I have plenty of tricks to share to make the knitting more enjoyable. And none of my examples involve knitting each section separately and sewing them all together at the end.

Of course, I'll also be taking a few classes myself. I've signed up for:
Jean Frost: Chasing the Hounds, Tooth that is; Thursday afternoon
Edie Eckman: Pattern Writing 101; Friday all day
Carson Demers: Ergonomics for Knitters; Sunday morning
Merike Saarniit; Three 2-color patterns, One color at a time; Sunday afternoon

I chose Jean Frost's class just because I want to take a class with her. She is the champion of great jackets.

I chose pattern writing because I need to be good at that. I don't think I'm too bad at it now, but I need to be sure I'm not making novice blunders.

I chose ergonomics because although I don't usually have any knitting soreness, I do every once in a great while if I've done a marathon.

And I chose Merike Saarniit at the end because she's wonderful and I'm sure these patterns will open up even more ideas to explore in the knitting laboratory. I would have chosen her Spinning for Knitting class (which is full), but it meets at the same time as my class. I can't be everywhere at once! Dang these limitations of time and space!

The homework information arrived recently. The most interesting homework is for the pattern writing class: "Bring a pattern you find difficult to follow and one you find easy to follow." I'm tempted to choose Baby Surprise Jacket as a difficult to follow pattern. This is one more reason I miss doing knit help. So often newer knitters would come in and the problem was totally not their fault. Magazines with tight deadlines often fall prey to gremlins in the instructions. And there is one designer who is horrible in this regard, but it would be inappropriate for me to out her in a public forum. Maybe I'll just take her whole book to class and leave Elizabeth Zimmermann alone.

One last bit: I do plan to attend the opening day lecture. And I'll be at the luncheon. Teachers are asked to eat first and then attend the luncheon so we can go from table to table and get to meet the knitters. I'm very much looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to the fashion show on Friday night and the student banquet on Saturday night. There is so much great knitting to see and share!


MaryLou said...

Jolie, have you considered self-publishing a book based on the content of your sweater class? I for one would love to hear your advice/tips for sweater knitting. ---MaryLou

-- Jolie said...

Hmmm. I hadn't thought about the sweater class as a book, mostly because there are so many other good sweater books out there. And I already have a couple book ideas going. And I keep coming up with more. Must knit faster. :-)

Heatherly said...

i am working so i wont be taking classes. but stop by booth 424 and say hi :0)