11 April 2010

An Alternative Edging

Because I've taught the Baby Surprise Jacket several times, I've worked up several of them in different yarns and with slightly different details. This striped example requires about four skeins of Trendsetter Tonalita. Note that Tonalita is a variegated yarn that does not have a pattern repeat -- the color changes are completely random. The color changes are also several feet apart instead of just a few inches, but not the many yards apart of Kureyon, Karaoke, Paintbox, or Mini Mochi. On this pattern, the color will change about every-other row. You can see that the stripes on the left side of the picture are more solid, while the stripes on the right side are more broken. This occurs because of how odd-colored blips poke through in purl bumps.

I am to the point of trying things out on BSJ just for the sake of seeing what happens. For a change of pace, I used a Debbie New's double increase instead of the make 1 left and right Elizabeth Zimmermann recommends. I also changed the double-decrease to a mitered double-decrease.
Furthermore, I decided to add an edging that I unvented on the Bamboo kimono. This is a faux crab stitch edging in that it has some of the twisty quality of crab stitch, but without using a crochet hook. To the right of the button detail, the verdigris with lavender row is the edging. This is a 2-stitch i-cord made from purl 1, ssk. The purl stitches become the twisty bits and the ssk form a chain stitch wale. I think this would be a great edge on sample afghan blocks, as the border would set them off but the chain stitch would make for easier seaming.

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