23 May 2010

Alpaca Farm

On Saturday, North Georgia Knitting Guild took a day trip to Seven Gables Farm in Milton, Georgia. In addition to the guild, many thanks are also due to Knit Witch and Only Ewe and Cotton Too for organizing the outing. We had a lovely time both watching the animals and enjoying our outdoor picnic. There was also a lot of socializing and a lot of knitting. We were lucky, too, because the day was overcast in the morning. As it got sunnier around two or three o'clock, it got hot and less comfortable outdoors.

The alpacas share a pasture with two burros and many goats. One of the goats was clearly a male, who strode about like an emperor overseeing his peasants. When we first arrived and a few of us walked over towards that pasture, this goat came over but not too close. He was checking us out and making sure we understood that this place is his domain. (See photo at right.)

After lunch, I spent a fair amount of time out in the pasture. Most of the animals only let me get within about 8-10 feet. Then they would just quietly shift to a different patch of clover. It was a lot of fun to get even a little close to them. There were five alpacas -- one white, one grey, one brown, and a black female with a cria. I was surprised by how large the cria was. Apparently alpaca are never all that small. The alpacas had been sheared recently, so their shaggy coats are not in the pictures. But you do get a sense of how long their necks are! There is something delightful and wonderful in that alpacas are cute animals with mostly reasonable temperaments, and yet they also give awesome fiber. Enjoy the pictures of happy animals!

Mother and Child

Just let me eat in peace. (A beautiful, rich brown coat.)

Who are you? (Love the Dr. Seuss hairstyle.)

Let me just stand here and blend.

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