12 November 2010

Good Deals

North Georgia Knitting Guild has been hosting an annual auction as a way to raise funds. This year's auction was held during the October meeting. This is one of the advantages to being in a smaller guild. Atlanta Knitting Guild has too many members for something of this scale, although AKG is planning a yarn swap at the December meeting. I was being pretty tight with money this time, partly because I was in the midst of closing an old checking account and opening a new one. I didn't have the new checks yet, I didn't want to write any more checks on an account I was about to close, and my money was split between the two, so that kept me well-behaved. I spent between $20 and $30 for what you see in the photograph.

The three small booklets were all one lot. I find it interesting to browse even simple pamphlets. Sometimes you find something just a little interesting and out of the way. And you never know what will be lurking inside a stitch dictionary. I was pleased to find an old issue of In Knitters. I hope someday when the Southeastern Fiber Arts Alliance has a permanent building that AKG will have a permanent library space where we can have all the back issues of the best magazines -- In Knitters, Knitters, Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, Cast On and the like. The Leisure Arts brochure is "Sculptured Squares" -- blanket blocks that have a very three-dimensional pattern. I am intrigued.

There was plenty of yarn at the auction. I've put myself on a yarn diet because I have plenty of yarn. The evidence is even in the public domain on Ravelry. And yet, there's always another pretty skein or two. On the left is a skein of Artyarns Supermerino that looks like it is meant to be a raspberry beret. On the right is a skein of Yarn Place Vivace, 100% bamboo in a colorway that looks to me like an excuse to party. Packaged with it were the four long toggle buttons. Gro actually out bid me for it, but it came up fairly early in the auction. She was able to win some other items later, so she kindly let me purchase the skein from her for the amount bid. Thank you, Gro!

The last item is the reading glasses with case. These are 1.5 magnification. My regular optometrist-issued reading glass are .75. I bought these more because nobody was bidding on them and because they have little lights on the side! I suspect they will someday be a perfect accessory in a costume. They have a wonderfully nerdy quality!

A reminder to those of you in guilds elsewhere -- it really is true that one knitter's cast offs can be another knitter's new treasures.

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