19 April 2011

Serpentine Short-Round Scarf, continued

Above is a nice, clear pictures of the finished Serpentine Short-Round scarf.  The first three repeats of the pattern will turn in one direction, the next three repeats turn in the other.

You'll be carrying the shifting contrast color up the inside of the double-knitting.  It isn't difficult as it only involves moving the yarn forward or backward, and some slipping of stitches.  But if the words in the pattern don't make perfect sense -- or if you are just a very visual learner -- you can watch.

This first video shows you how to shift at the beginning of the pattern, as the contrast color rounds are becoming shorter.

The second video shows you how to shift during the second half of the pattern repeat, as the contrast color rounds become longer.

Tomorrow: Finish with three-needle bind-off.

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