27 January 2012

One seam, really?

Yes, the knit, Swirl jacket does indeed have only one seam. But let's be very clear about this. This is not an easy seam. The sleeve portions aren't too bad, as the stitches are basically matched one to one. But the yoke seam, at least in the "Plum Perfect" pattern, required a lot of easing to make it all match. While a great deal of the knitting on this sweater is suitable for an advanced beginner, the seam is definitely not beginner knitting.

I've also found that a lot of people have trouble figuring out how to put the Swirl together. The video will show you how to fold your Swirl so that you know where to seam.


KC said...

Thank you for confirming that the seaming is ... challenging. Sleeves seem perfectly straightforward, but I've put off sewing this giant thing together because it seems (haha) to have lots of "extra" that will have to be eased in as I work the rest of it. At least I didn't completely ruin the sweater by stretching out one part more than the other when blocking as I'd feared!

jen powers said...

Thank you so much, this is just what I was looking for, simply put. :)

zuccazi said...

Thank you bc it's much easier to see and do than read and do. I'm knitting my first one and hoping my second will be in a bulky gauge. It's easy to do the math and change gauge but sometimes things don't work out.