10 February 2012

Dahlia Blooms

Some of you may remember a post from last summer, in which I showed off a shawl I knit for the Claudia Handpaint Contest. The shawl didn't win anything, but Claudia was kind enough to return it in time for the TKGA show in Greensboro, NC. So I wore the shawl there.

Laura and Kelly from The Unique Sheep saw the shawl and liked it. So it is now getting a second life! They've been a huge help in formatting and tech editing the pattern. And I am very grateful they had Heike Nocher to test knit the design, which she accomplished admirably and during the holiday season. The pattern is now available from The Unique Sheep. Thank you hardly begins to cover my appreciation at seeing one of my patterns out in the world. I know I will barely be able to contain my glee when I see it worn at one of the conventions.
I knew Laura and Kelly were totally awesome people back when I was president of Atlanta Knitting Guild. So many people helped over the course of the year -- it was the first year of STITCHES South -- and I wanted to be able to show some tangible appreciation. When I went to SAFF, I picked up business cards from the various hand-dyers, then wrote to them to see what they could do. Laura and Kelly dyed 36 assorted skeins of lace weight yarn. It was a delight to invite various guild members to pick a skein.

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