11 February 2012

How to Trap Yarns

I've been trying to make of habit of shooting videos of some of the more unusual techniques I've used in my designs. Since Dahlia is now available, I wanted to be sure knitters aren't getting stuck.

For this video, I'm showing you how to trap threads as you pick up for the next course. This will prevent you from having to break your yarn between modules, and will save you a lot of weaving in of ends. Not only might you appreciate the time savings, but you'll also save on aggravation and have a nicer finish, because hiding ends in lace requires more care.

Two caveats in the video.
1. Near the beginning of the video, I said "double increase" when I meant "double decrease." If you have the pattern, you'll know what I meant.
2. I shot this video while working on the original shawl. The updated and improved version for The Unique Sheep has a different stitch count from the shawl in the video. So when I talk in the video about 1-15-1 as the pick-up rhythm, be aware that the pattern you have has a different number.

Enjoy having fewer ends to weave in.

1 comment:

Jay Petersen said...

Excellent technique. Reminds me of a type of carry shown in one of Mary Thomas's books, except that hers was done synchronously rather than asynchronously!