07 March 2012

The Baa'ad Bag

The March 2012 The Knitting Guild Association e-newsletter just came out. I had a nice e-mail exchange earlier this year with Debby Johnston as we were updating the information for North Georgia Knitting Guild. TKGA helps to connect knitters and guilds across the country. The guild resources had a page of program ideas, so I mentioned how delightful our night of knitting disasters program had been last July. I think it is helpful for newer knitters to see that even the people who show up each month with a new shawl or sweater have had projects that just went totally wrong.

Well, when I sent Debby a copy of our newsletter (with pictures), it never occurred to me that she might use the one of me wearing the Baa'ad Bag as a hat. So, now that the picture is out and about in the world, I thought it only fair to show the Baa'ad Bag in all its multicolored mischief. Please remember I am not responsible for computer monitors kvetching.
I started by casting on for a centered motif on the bottom of the bag. I knit a square in the round. Then I knit a triangle on each side, which doubled the area of the square.
I kept adding on triangles and squares. Sometimes I made the work wider. Sometimes I was just trying to make it taller.
Near the top I worked a section side to side and then joined it together to create a tube for the drawstring. I still cannot quite figure out what I did. That's frustrating! You can see part of this welt in the picture above -- it is the twisty cable-like pink horizontal element. I love how it looks like a horizontal cable!
At the end, I decided to add a flouncy ruffle around the top. Each little triangle represents one live stitch that is connected by a short-row ruffle.

I have a lot of respect for people who can just add-on and make things up as they go. I usually spend time creating an overall design and plan. If I ever try this sort of thing again, I like to think I know better now.

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