14 March 2012

Experiment and result

I try not to spend too much time on this blog advertising where I'm teaching and what I'm doing. After all, I figure most of you are here to see the knitting and maybe pick up a technique tip. I don't want to whack you with advertising.

Some of you may have noticed the STITCHES South button that was in the upper right corner of my blog for the last couple weeks. It's gone now, because my class didn't make. First off, I want to say how sorry I am to the two people who did sign up. The material I was planning on covering -- on double-knitting texture patterns and double-knitting words -- can be found but is rather obscure. This was a really advanced class of the type that I don't teach at the local shop because there aren't enough advanced knitters. But it is also a beautiful technique. I've made several projects with textured double-knit borders and been very happy with the results. And being able to double-knit words is perfect for personalizing a baby blanket or including a college logo on a scarf. I really appreciate that XRX was willing to take a chance on it, because the only way to know if knitters are willing to sign up for a class in which already being able to double knit is a prerequisite is to put such a class on the schedule and see what happens.

This is also a good reminder to me that one of my goals this year should be to produce something utterly awesome in double knitting that you can't make if you don't know the advanced techniques. So often it is the siren song of a gorgeous project that drives us to learn a particular technique.

I did want to mention that I am on the schedule at two other shows this year -- Knitters Connection in Columbus, Ohio on 15-17 June and Georgia Alpaca FiberFest at Callaway Gardens 14-16 September. Neither of these sites is quite ready for registration yet, but I'll try to remember to put links where you can find them when registration opens.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jolie,

I'm so sorry to learn your class
at Stitches was cancelled. Had I
been able to go to the conference this year, I would DEFINITELY have
signed up for your double knitting
class. I'm overjoyed to see you will be in Columbus, OH this June.
That is about 100 miles from my
home, but it will be well worth the
trip. I hope to see you then.