11 April 2012

Photo with the Governor

Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX, Inc.; Whit Robbins, founder and chair emerita, Atlanta Knitting Guild; Governor Nathan Deal (R); Marian Rose, president, Atlanta Knitting Guild; Jolie Elder, president, North Georgia Knitting Guild
photo credit Alana Joyner, Governor's Photographer
What can I say? This has been an amazing and unexpected experience. There is also something wonderful about how things come back around -- that I was president of Atlanta Knitting Guild during the first STITCHES South and now I'm president of North Georgia Knitting Guild this particular year. So many thanks go out to Benjamin Levisay and Marian Rose, who really have done the bulk of the work on this. It was a delight to have guild founder Whit Robbins along. I'm only sorry Jenny Lee, who founded North Georgia Knitting Guild, doesn't live in the area anymore; because it would be wonderful and appropriate for her to have been included.

It was not an easy thing to decide what to wear today. One of my own published designs? An unpublished design? Somebody else's design that I've made? I decided on the Sunshine and Shade Scheherazade because I like it. I like the yarn (Nashua Geologie), the style of the ruana, and the whole outfit. And if enough people pester me about it, maybe I'll get the pattern written into a publishable form. (I've taught it three times as a class, so I already have something on paper.)

And if you ever meet someone important, I might recommend role playing it and practicing first. It is amazing how tongue-tied you can become -- forgetting to say "Hello" or "Thank you" and tripping over your own name. For me, the effect was almost like seeing a familiar painting for the first time in a museum. Your eyes see something that you've seen before so many times you can't quite believe you see it. And Governor Deal has Southern gentleman's charisma. You can perceive at once why he would be successful in politics.

There's been plenty else afoot this week as well. Marian and I appeared on a special edition of Marly Bird's Yarn Thing Podcast on Monday. You can listen here.

And don't forget the rally on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol on Saturday 14 April from 11 AM to 2 PM! The weather promises to be fantastic.  I'll be there and I hope to see ya all, too!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thank you for posting this so quickly.
- Benjamin

Laura said...

You've been busy! Almost as busy as me, but with MUCH more visibility! :) How exciting that you got to meet the governor! You look lovely in the photo too!

rowndabout said...

I love seeing you wear your own design. You looked wonderful. Congratulations.

john petter said...

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