24 May 2013

No Cookie Monsters Were Harmed

I've been busy cleaning house lately. As many of you have heard, my husband took a job out of state. He could be laid off here or work there, so he chose work there. This has meant some changes in my life and household.

1. Divide stuff into what stays here and what goes to his new one-bedroom man cave.
2. Drive more and give thanks for the gas-sipping car.
3. Rearrange household to accommodate new reality.
4. Pay attention to whether the lawn has been mowed or not and respond accordingly.

I'll be traveling more, as I do want to see my husband. I like my Cuddly Hubby, and I definitely miss him. He is enjoying his new job and making friends, which is good. And we had a long-distance relationship when we were dating and engaged, so it isn't as if we haven't done this before. I am hoping the situation will bring some focus. If I am very well-behaved, I'll plan projects so I get knitting done when I go to visit, and get pattern writing and class planning done when I'm back home. I'm also planning quite a few home renovations, since Cuddly Hubby won't be around to be irritated by drop cloths, paint cans, or torn-up bathrooms.

Since I've needed to walk around our home, sorting stuff as I go, I've finally found some time to de-clutter. A random skein of Lion Brand Fun Fur was lurking in my studio. I know I didn't purchase it -- it was a freebie at one of the knitting shows/retreats/gatherings. I had not even bothered to add it to my Ravelry stash database. But then I saw it and thought, "Well, I could knit it up quickly and give it to the Marietta Museum of Art yarn installation." So I cast on and knit for an hour as I watched television before bedtime. I woke up the next morning with a better idea. As crazy as a Muppet-fur scarf might be, how about a Muppet-fur net? Plus, I'd been meaning to spend a little more time with hex-mesh before taking another shot at Herbert Niebling's Lyra.
This is hex mesh knit en point. I cast on two stitches, increased until half the yarn was used, then decreased to the end. Unfortunately, I measured wrong and ran out of yarn. So I had to rip back and try again. I went down a needle size, which is why the square is not square. The fabric is like a big shaggy blue amoeba of Silly Putty, as it can be pulled in different directions. And, of course, there are holes throughout, leaving all sorts of possibilities for weaving other materials through the item. I am hoping the yarn installation people at the museum have fun with it.

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