02 June 2014


I get so caught up in stunt knitting that I sometimes forget simplicity is often the secret to good design. And so it has been with Scrawling.

This is a scribble lace shawl I worked up last summer. It is one of the few fiber things that was started, worked upon, and completed during the personal mayhem of 2013. I had made a scribble lace years ago when I taught for Purly Gates. My recollection was the project was fairly quick and fun. And the finished fabric was like knitted Silly Putty -- highly malleable. Scrawling started with Esther Rodgers' "Corespinning for Fun and Function" class at STITCHES South 2013. The art batt was lovely, and the corespun yarn was fabulous. You'll recall I made this skein:
I liked the skein so much, I decided to wanted to use it in a project right away so I could show it off. But I'm not usually a fan of bulky knits or projects made with only corespun. And the skein was only 73 m/80 yards long. Handspun art yarns are like high-quality spices. You don't make a whole meal out of a spice; rather, the spice makes a whole lot of something else interesting enough to eat. The scribble lace came to mind. And for some reason, I decided rather than work a plain scribble lace, I'd throw in a little feather and fan to make the whole thing move.
My initial vision was to purchase green silk, but I ended up with Louet Euroflax sport linen instead. The important part is you want a thin and possibly drapey yarn for the base. Because the linen has no elasticity, I used larger needle tips for the knit rows (size 10mm/US 15) and smaller tips (size 9mm/US 13) for the purl rows. And because I cast on lengthwise, I used my Denise circular needle.

The finished shawl/wrap is about 250cm/100 inches long. So I could have cast on about half as many stitches. On the other hand, I wear it wrapped twice around my shoulders, and the extra volume doesn't seem to hurt the look.

I finished the shawl in June of last year. But somehow, I just didn't get a picture of me wearing it. While I can set up the camera on a tripod, I just didn't get to it. But I got lots of compliments on the shawl. I even wore it in the fashion show at TKGA in October. And when I wore it at STITCHES South this year, it got attention. Esther asked me to please put the pattern up on Ravelry. When I saw Cuddly Hubby in May, I made getting a good picture a priority. After a number of tries, this is what we got:
So, thank you to Esther for poking me on this and to the Cuddly Hubby for working the camera. The pattern is available for download on Ravelry. I've even sold a couple copies already!

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Laura said...

I keep on going back to this beautiful scribble lace shawl. Just to look at it makes me smile and eventually I will get my spinning wheel out and spin some bulky yarn - making a different scribble but just the same shawl to make me smile :-)