09 July 2014

Common Crowd Cap

This is one of those posts I should have done months ago. Then again, I believe I've mentioned catching up as a current theme in my life?

Last year, the STITCHES teachers were asked if we would be willing to contribute original hat patterns to Halos of Hope. I don't wear hats much, but the shaping of them isn't difficult, so I said, "Sure!" Pam Haschke, the founder of Halos of Hope, asked us, "What would you want to wear if you had lost your hair to chemotherapy?"

My answer is that I'd probably just want to fit in. Hence the name of my pattern, the Common Crowd Cap. The goal is just to keep fitting in with the common crowd. The pattern is for sale on the Halos of Hope website, along with much better pictures than the ones I took. Halos of Hope often has a booth at STITCHES events. If you happen to be attending, you can see my hat as well as a lot of much more inventive designs in person.

I made two versions. One has dangles, because I find dangles to be fun and expressive.
And one is plain.
The cast-on is essentially the scalloped cast-on, but now worked in the proper pattern for syncopated rib. The dangles are formed by a little trick that allows the wales of ribbing to transition seamlessly into i-cord. Videos to follow over the next three days.

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