18 February 2015

I-cord All Good

I don't usually post much about South Carolina Knit Inn. This is partly because the show already sells out in a week and because I've been in Maryland immediately after the show. While Cuddly Hubby does have a civilized man cave (now there's an oxymoron!), I much prefer to edit images and post from my own desktop computer.

I usually sign up for at least one class at Knit Inn. Because I'm teaching, I have to carefully pick a class that does not conflict with mine. This year I picked Michele Kessler's "Lessons in I-Cord" class. I'm already comfortable with I-cord and, in fact, had some applied i-cord swatches made up for my "Faux Crab Stitch" class. But it is also nice sometimes to see what other people are saying as a cross-check of myself. Or it can be nice to just take a couple hours and review a technique I haven't used in awhile or that I've been meaning to try.
Michele's little swatch took us through nine different i-cord techniques in only a couple hours. Here's the list:
I-cord cast-on
Built-in I-cord (in other words, worked on the selvedge as you knit)
I-cord bind-off
Applied I-cord (added as an edging after the fabric is made, but with the cord attached as it is constructed rather than sewing it on at the end)
Hidden buttonhole
Loop buttonhole
Contrasting color applied I-cord (watch out for blips!)
Turning a corner in applied I-cord
Applying I-cord on top of I-cord

She also showed us off the swatch:
Plain I-cord
Square I-cord

Michele is a delightful, enthusiastic teacher. She had lots of sample garments, so we could see how I-cord could be used to enliven projects such as blankets or sweaters. This is both a teacher and a class I can recommend.

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