18 April 2016

Knit Along for Georgia FiberFest

As part of my 2016 "full court press power-play" to get reversible lace out into the world, I'm leading a mystery knit-along for Georgia FiberFest beginning this Sunday, 24 April 2016.

The pattern is a super-cute scarf I've named Za-Zing. This is the sort of accessory that will brighten an outfit and keep you warmer without smothering you with heat. The way I prefer to wear it will also hide your neck, in case your face is silently ageless but your neck is loudly proclaiming your last birthday.

As this is a mystery knit-along, I'm not showing off much yet. Here's the teaser photo.

This pattern is fairly geometric. I would describe it as cute, youthful, and sporty.

The yarn is a three-color gradient by Camelid Cottage in a 2-to-1 suri alpaca and silk blend. Each hank is 100 yards, so the total is 300 yards. Some knitting, but not too much.

The pattern is already written. I ended up with 15 clues total, numbered 0 through 14. Clue #0 is already up on Ravelry on the Georgia FiberFest message board. This "preview" clue is about swatching, dividing yarn, and generally getting ready to cast-on and knit. When you purchase the pattern on Ravelry, you'll be able to download the most current version of the pattern. Each Sunday, I will update the pattern by re-posting it in my Ravelry store. Right now, you only get clue #0. This Sunday, I'll upload the pattern so it includes clues #0 and #1. Ravelry automatically sends you an e-mail telling you that a pattern you purchased has been updated. You'll be able to download and see the next clue every time I update the pattern each Sunday.

You may be wondering — 15 clues? Really?

I've broken the pattern down into little digestible bits, sort of like when you cut up a steak for someone who has trouble chewing. I don't want anybody to choke! The first clue is the cast-on. The last clue is the bind-off. Some weeks there is only a little bit of knitting. I think the most you ever do in one week is 60 yards. You don't have to be a monogamous knitter to participate and keep up. And if you are learning new things, you'll be walking gently up the learning curve, not climbing it with pitons and carabiners. Also, if you are late to the party, you'll be able to catch up.

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