28 May 2016

Closed Yarn Over Increases in Reversible Lace

As I explore and develop reversible lace, I keep adding new techniques. I usually start with, "Ok, I like this technique on one-sided fabric. How do I do it reversibly?"

One of the increases I like is the yarn-over version of make 1. There are at least three different increase methods I know of that go by the name "make 1." One technique involves co-opting the running thread. The second method (used by Elizabeth Zimmermann) is casting on a backward loop. The third method is throwing a yarn over or reverse yarn over and then twisting it closed on the next row or round. Since it is twisted, this means there is a left-leaning and a right-leaning version.

Working reversibly, here is the version that leans left on the obverse and right on the reverse.

And here is the version that leans to the right on the obverse and the left on the reverse.
Of course, there are other ways to increase. And I admit these are fairly fiddly. As with so many things in knitting, this is only one possible solution.

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