01 May 2016

Some Terminology

The downside of the technical experimentation I do is in trying to describe a new technique. If you are doing something that isn't commonly done, what words do you use to explain something that doesn't yet have a name? As with teaching, the key is to find terms that are already common knowledge and build upon them. The following three videos are intended to clarify these terms. Some of these might be things you already know. I'm just showing you what the words are that I use to describe them.

This first video is the difference between yarn over and reverse yarn over. In some of my patterns, I do differentiate between the two! If you are a standard Western European/North American knitter, may I please recommend you make the regular yarn over your habit? The regular yarn over will have the same stitch facing as the rest of your stitches, so you won't have to think about it later.

This second video shows the difference between Western and Eastern stitch facings. Neither is right or wrong, but depending on how you knit, you can end up with twisted or plaited stitches when you don't mean to!

This third video shows the four different ways to insert the right needle into the next stitch. You probably already know knitwise and purlwise. If you know how to work a left-leaning decrease (SSK), then you also know knit through the back of the loop. But do you know purl up through the back of the loop?

I hope these videos will help make the more peculiar instructions in my patterns more intuitive.

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