19 June 2016

Pitch Matters

I'm working on several projects right now. I've finished my Christmas in July project for The Whole Nine Yarns (more about that next month). I need to come up with a pattern for Georgia FiberFest. Several nights ago I woke up about 3 AM and could not get back to sleep for nearly two hours! I had an idea.

After I got up late that morning, I cast on a möbius. I was knitting along fairly well. Then I decided to swatch from the other end in 1×1 ribbing.

When you are working with a long-print yarn, the number of stitches in a row or round matters.


On a round of 450 stitches, the long print in Cascade Tangier is not long enough. It produces one-row stripes.

However, on a much shorter pitch of 40 stitches back and forth, the result is a nice gradient. In fact, for a gradient back and forth, I wouldn't want to work on much more than 40 stitches. Now that I think of it, wouldn't it be wonderful if yarn manufacturers included this information on long-print yarns?

What is impressive is how very different this yarn looks depending on the pitch (number of stitches in a row or round). In knitting we sometimes talk about matching a yarn to a project. This is a great example of how the same yarn can look very different. Choose wisely.

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