03 June 2017

Binding Off at a Point

In the Kennesaw Kudzu pattern, each multiple of pattern is worked back and forth and decreased to a point. This shaping creates the pretty leaf edging. But it does raise questions of how to deal with those final two stitches and where to hide the tail when you are out at land's end?

To graft that final knit-purl pair, start with “wrong” side facing:
  • plunge a blunt tapestry needle into the base of the final stitch
leaving needle in place, pull tail up and out
  • poke eye of tapestry needle from purl side to knit side of penultimate stitch
thread tail in eye of tapestry needle
pull needle to bring tail through penultimate stitch and to re-complete final stitch.

I prefer to duplicate stitch ends. In this case, I don't have any horizontal fabric that I can use for duplicate stitch. Plan B is hiding the ends vertically. Identify a knit wale and thread the tail down through a vertical column of stitch legs. This isn't my favorite way to deal with an end, but it will work in a pinch.

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Anonymous said...

You have an amazing mind; I love your bind off technique! Pam