02 June 2017

Center-Out Cast-On for Reversible Lace

The Kennesaw Kudzu socks and hat both start with a center-out cast-on. This is a combination of Gwen Bortner's encasement pick-up and a typical center-out cast-on.

  • Wrap the tail counterclockwise in a circle twice.

  • Knit into the center of the circle.

  • Yarn over.

  • One pair completed.

  • Repeat as many times as needed.

  • Pull tail gently but firmly to close hole.

In addition to the hat and the toe-up socks, this cast-on would be useful to work a circular shawl in reversible lace.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great cast on!! And I second your opinions on combination knitting and wooden needles :-) Pam