13 July 2017

Many Choices

I know right now is summer, filled with summertime distractions. But, there are knitting distractions coming up in the calendar.

This Saturday 15 July is North Georgia Knitting Guild's annual Beat the Heat Retreat in Woodstock. This is a day of knitting camaraderie with workshops, activities, food, and just general socializing.

The next weekend on Sunday 23 July is Christmas in July at The Whole Nine Yarns. This is the annual day to acquire lots of gift-appropriate patterns. Many of us who teach at the shop will be there to demonstrate the techniques, too.

Intown Quilters in Decatur is bringing Patty Lyons for a weekend of teaching Friday 18 August through Sunday 20 August. Classes are:
Friday night lecture: Oops, I Accidentally Knit a Dress (Tales of Lies, Heartbreak and Denial)
Saturday classes: Finishing Seams Simple & Best Buttonholes
Sunday classes: Secrets to Spectacular Sweater Success & Knitting ER Tragedy & Treatments

The September calendar overflows.
Yarn Rhapsody in Gainesville has scheduled Beth Brown-Reinsel for the weekend of September 9 & 10. Beth is a specialist in traditional knitting techniques. If you love classic Old World mittens, gloves, and sweaters, give the shop a call. Classes are Latvian Wristers on Friday morning, Introduction to Twined Knitting on Friday afternoon, and Top-Down Aran Cardigan all day Saturday.

The same weekend is Georgia FiberFest in Columbus. The festival runs Thursday 7 September through Saturday 9 September. (Hint: You could attend the festival and still squeeze in a class with Beth on Sunday.) This year Georgia FiberFest has put the spotlight on knitting. The headliner is Franklin Habit. Also attending is Russian lace expert Galina Khmeleva.

Franklin's classes:
Thursday afternoon: Knitted Tesselations: Playful and Powerful Patterns in Practice
Friday morning: Embroider Your Knitting: Level One
Friday afternoon: Garter Party: Garter Stitch Gone Wild (with Special Guest I-Cord)
Saturday morning: Introduction to the History, Methods, and Styles of Lace Knitting
Saturday afternoon: Now You See It, Now You Don't: Shadow Knitting

Galina's classes:
Friday day all day: The Fundamentals of Orenburg Knitted Lace
Saturday morning: Spinning the Orenburg Way
Saturday mid-day: Plying Orenburg Style

I am also on the schedule with two of my favorite classes:
Friday afternoon: Oops! Now What Do I Do?
Saturday mid-day: Now How Do I Finish?

And there's always Varian Brandon:
Friday morning: Converting Flat to In the Round
Friday afternoon: Using Steek Stitches

If Varian's steek class weren't opposite my mistake-fixing class, I would already be signed up.

If you are north of the city — specifically all the way in South Carolina — then that same weekend South Carolina Knitting Guild is bringing in Edie Eckman. In this case, classes are Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Classes are:
Saturday morning: Go Bi-Textural: Combine Knitting and Crochet
Saturday afternoon: Mix It Up Miters
Sunday morning: Where do they Get Those Numbers? (or Math for Knitters)
Sunday afternoon: 5 Knit Buttonholes You Need to Know Now
Monday morning: From Start to Finish: Finishing Techniques

And then we get to October:

You can sign up for those classes here.

Marly's classes are also the same week as Spinzilla, which starts at 00:01 on Monday 2 October and runs through 23:59 on Sunday 8 October. Doh!

And at the end of October is Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. This year's dates are Friday 27 October through Sunday 29 October plus an extra day on Thursday for workshops. As usual, this show is a bounty of workshops, shopping, competitions, demonstrations, and sweet animals. It is, however, a longer drive from Atlanta than Georgia FiberFest. Of course, if you don't want to drive, you can sign up for Yarn Rhapsody's Saturday bus trip to SAFF.

My classes include:
Thursday: Conquering Kitchener and Brioche Rosetta Stone
Friday: Liberating the Labyrinth, Sonic Boom Möbius Cowl, and Italian Perfection
Saturday: Modular Mystique and Small Rounds + Two at a Time
Sunday: Daring Double Cables and When to Combination Knit

So, if you have been thinking it is time to learn something new, there is plenty of opportunity!

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