knit, Swirl Jacket class

A full-weekend version of this class is on the schedule at Kanuga Knitting and Quilting Retreat 2018. Learn more and register here.

This is your chance to enhance your wardrobe with a beautiful Swirl Jacket from Sandra McIver’s wonderful book. This pattern is as fun to wear as it is to knit. If you hang out in the shop, you've seen the gorgeous garments students made in previous years. The class meets three times as a guided knit-along. In addition to investigating the details of increasing, decreasing, and seaming; we'll also deal with yarn substitutions, swatching, and adjusting the pattern to fit.

Skill level is intermediate.
Prerequisite: Students should know knit, purl, how to work in the round on a circular needle, and have at least some experience with increasing and decreasing.

What you will learn:
pseudo short-row
mirrored decreases
twisted yarn over increases
casting on extra stitches to a row
slipped-stitch edging
Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off
TECHknitter’s method for sturdy mid-row bind-off
using math from a swatch to adjust sleeve length
how to read the charts in the book
weaving in ends
color changes and design choices/issues

Maximum 10 students.

2-hour class that meets 3 times over the course of 3 months.

plain worsted yarn for swatching in class
appropriate needles for working this yarn in the round
stitch markers are also helpful
project yarn
project needles (a long circular needle or an interchangeable needle)
Required homework:
Read pages 10-17 of knit, Swirl by Sandra McIver (Windsor, CA: SeaStack Publishing, 2011).

Recommended homework:
Have a friend get your yoke measurement (see page 208 in book) and your span (sleeves length cuff to cuff with arms extended).
Decide which sort of Swirl you want to make: circular centered, oval centered, circular off-centered, oval off-centered. We will also discuss the pros and cons of these shapes in the first class.
Buy yarn and begin swatching. Make a large swatch (at least 6 inches wide). Your goal is slightly dense welt stitch (4 to 6 rows of stockinette alternating with 4 to 6 rows of reverse stockinette). The fabric should be springy rather than drape-y.

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