Refined Baby Surprise Jacket class

It seems there is always someone having a baby! This classic little cardigan pattern from Elizabeth Zimmermann is such a fun knit you may be looking forward to the next baby shower. My contribution is a series of refinements that ensure a finished chain stitch on all raw edges, an elegant flat shoulder seam, a cast-off that prevents one stripe having an extra row, and a striping planner.

Skill level is late beginner.
Prerequisite: Students should already know garter stitch.

What you will learn:
crochet cast-on
make 1 left
make 1 right
slip-stitched selvedge
end-of-row cast-off
picking up along a selvedge using a vertical lifeline
mattress seam
crab stitch (if desired) or
attached i-cord (if desired)

Maximum 20 students.

Multi-meeting workshop consisting of 3 classes meeting 2 hours each with a minimum of 2 weeks between class meetings.

Students receive a handout in booklet form, including the scarf pattern. Booklet includes written and charted instructions for each of the four swatches, plus pictures of both the front and back of each swatch.

No materials fee.

Swatch garter stitch with your project yarn so you are sure you have good fabric.

A purchased copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s pattern
Project yarn — e.g. 2 skeins Malabrigo worsted or 4 skeins Trendsetter Tonalita or 2 skeins Ella Rae Seasons or 3 skeins Classic Elite Liberty Wool or 3 half-skeins of sock yarn for small teddy-bear size. (Bulky yarn makes a child jacket, worsted makes a baby jacket, sock yarn makes a teddy-bear jacket)
a needle that produces garter stitch you like with this yarn
5 buttons you like with this yarn and that will fit in a yo, k2tog buttonhole

I bring with me five baby surprise jackets.

No special needs for the room set up. A whiteboard or flip chart is nice to have but not need to have. I have a projector if the facilities can accommodate it. Room set-up should be tables and chairs either facing forward or in a U-shape.

This class has been taught multiple times at
The Whole Nine Yarns, Woodstock GA.

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