Bind Off at Both Ends mini class

We’ve all seen the instruction: Bind off # of stitches, work to end, turn, bind off same # of stitches. But then one edge of the work is one row taller! Eliminate that extra row by learning how to bind off at the end of the row.

Skill level is intermediate. Knowledge of how to trap a carried yarn in stranded color knitting is advantageous.

Maximum 20 students.

mini workshop

Students receive a handout in booklet form

No materials fee.

No homework.

class yarn (smooth, non-splitting, light or bright or medium color)
needles to work that yarn
waste yarn to practice trapping

No special needs for the room set up. A whiteboard or flip chart is nice to have but not need to have. Room set-up should be tables and chairs either facing forward or in a U-shape.

This is a technique from my now discontinued “Unventions” class.
South Carolina Knit Inn 2012, Greenville SC;
Knitters Connection 2012, Columbus OH;
Atlanta Knitting Guild, December 2012, Atlanta GA;
Unwind 2013, Blowing Rock NC;
Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair 2019, Fletcher NC.

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